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Blend: Seyval Blanc, Pinot Noir

Style: Brut

Harvest: September / October 2017

Disgorged: January 2021 Traditional Method

Winemaker: Steve Brooksbank

Vegetarian and vegan friendly

A nod to the Romans who introduced the drinking of wine to England, our Jubilate® – pronounced joo’buhlah’ tay – is the imperative form of the Latin verb iūbilāre. As the imperative signals a command or request, Jubilate translates ‘Be joyful – all of you’.

The pop of a cork on a bottle of fizz elevates any gathering of loved ones and friends to a festive occasion; a celebration. Jubilate® Classic Cuvee invites a toast and the ensuing clink of raised glasses. Rejoice in the moment. Be joyful!

SILVER – WineGB awards 2021